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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we start today, though, with ukrainian forces launching an offensive in the city of donetsk this morning. the first major fighting since malaysian airlines flight 17 was shot down last week. u.s. officials now say russia provided the missile that took down the plane and trained separatists how to use it. >> we picked up the imagery of this launch. we know the trajectory. we know where it came from. >> kerry said video and photographs released by the ukrainian government but not verified by nbc news show three mobile missile launchers leaving rebel territory headed for russia after the plane was down with at least one missile missing. rescuers recovered 272 bodies from the crash site but a train with the remains of nearly 200 victims has been stuck in the station in an eastern ukrainian town. the ukrainian government is accusing pro-russian rebels of blocking access to the bodies. today the first international
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investigators, a small dutch team arrived in ukraine, as international outrage grows. >> it is an absolutely shambolic situation. it does look more like a garden cleanup than a forensic investigation. >> victims' family members are begging russian president putin and the international community to intervene. >> when i'm in my bed at night, i see my son lying on the ground. i see them in my head. they have to come home. not only those two, everybody has to come home. >> i have one child and she was my proud and my everything so, it's gone. >> today in a statement putin said, quote, everything must be done to guarantee the security of international experts at the site of the tragedy but warned, quote, nobody and no one has the right to use this tragedy to achieve selfish political ends.
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ukraine's government said today it is willing to hand over coordination of the investigation to international authorities and today the u.n. security council will vote on a call for an immediate cease-fire, and that pro-russian separatists provide full and unrestricted access to the crash site. european union officials meet tuesday on ukraine. kerry said sunday he is trying to convince the europeans to hit russia with tougher sanctions as calls grow on capitol hill for a stronger response to putin. >> i would say putin, you have to man up. you should talk to the world. you should say -- if this was a mistake, which i hope it was, say it. >> how about sanctions that would hit putin as an individual. their energy sector, their banking sector. the europeans are never going to lead on this issue. it is indispensable that america lead. >> nbc's jim maceda is live for us in moscow. jim, it seems that vladimir
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putin so far has not given the order to those pro-russian separatists, at least trying to use his influence to allow international teams to get control of those bodies. >> reporter: that's right, luke. you've summed up some pretty angry and outraged comments today from russia -- against russia and putin from around the globe. perhaps none more bitter than the ukrainian prime minister. but none of this seems to have swayed vladimir putin to even begin to cut his ties with the rebels. there's a lot of talk recently amongst mostly pundits about the malaysia airlines crash being a game-changer. we've seen none of that so far. the game in ukraine hasn't changed. the war there is raging on. as you said, it's now moved into perhaps a battle royal phase with that fighting going on inside donetsk, a city of one million people with tanks inside the city centering. what we're seeing is putin using his proxies on the ground to
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defend his real interests. there's no doubt that he's facing the biggest crisis of his presidency and putin, the former kgb lieutenant colonel, must know what did or did not happen to that boeing 777. the u.s. says it knows, but putin must know. and if there is a direct russian connection, luke, to the crime, analysts here tell us that putin is going to do everything he can to obfuscate, to hide it, to drag out any investigation so he can continue to plausibly deny everything and just wait things out. he does seem to believe that he can win that battle and that europe will not have the stomach for the tough sectoral sanctions that might hurt him. it does hurt as well that he's got 83% approval ratings from russians here back home to back him up. back to you. >> yes, and that certainly also helps when he can run the media and tell the story he wants to tell. jim maceda, thank you so much.
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we appreciate you being on the show. for the latest of what's happening at the crash site, let's turn now to nbc's keir simmons who's live on the phone in ukraine. keir, we understand there's a dutch team heading to that area today but it's still under rebel control. what can you tell us about the crash site right now? >> reporter: well, the dutch team have arrived in the area some hours ago, luke, and they went to the refrigerated train cars where the bodies have been kept and guarded by the pro-russian militia who run this region, then they made their way to the crash site itself. we say crash site. actually it's a number of crash sites, such is the width and span of the debris which gives you a picture of just how catastrophic this crash was. so they went there and they inspected the charred earth that you see there, came back and said they believe that everything that could have been done has been done to remove the
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bodies of the victims, which they now want to carry out as you'd expect forensic examination of. and they say that they still believe that they could do some here and part of that work will be looking for clues to establish exactly who was responsible for the shooting down of mh-17. so they say that work -- the question is whether it can be, because as you mentioned at the beginning there, there are still clashes happening in this region. the war continues. it's a very difficult place for officials like this to work. >> nbc's keir simmons live from the crash site. thank you so much, stay safe. president obama says the crash is a wake-up call for europe and the world. that the escalating civil war in ukraine has consequences. will it persuade the europeans, who have been skittish about cracking down on russia to get tougher? that's an interesting question. to help us answer that, gayle lamone joins us now. gayle, one thing i found very
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interesting the president's remarks on friday, he sort of explicitly called out to some degree germany, france, great britain, saying we can't afford now, because this is in your backyard, to just move on from this. this is a full-scale civil war that has dire ramifications, civil deaths from these european countries. what can europe do with the assistance of the united states to crack down on vladimir putin and the russian regime right now? >> well, the administration has called this a moment of truth for russia and i think they would also like it to be a moment of truth for the european union. but the question is how do you get around the fact that there are incredibly close economic ties. the german media took a lot of note of secretary kerry's remarks. all the papers were carrying them today. you also have the fact that 300,000 german jobs are supposed to be tied to the russian economy. germany has invested more than 20 billion euros in the russian economy so it's a very complicated equation for the germans. there is a real desire, i think,
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to be seen as cracking down on russia. there is a real sense of global outrage but there's also the reality of people's jobs there on the ground. you know, in st. petersburg this last may there was an economic conference and france was the country that sent the most companies there to be represented. several german ceos were there. so you do see this close economic relationship continues and that does complicate the calculus. >> it is a symbiotic relationship but isn't it fair to say it's working two ways. if these marketplaces in europe and germany and france sort of said, hey, russia, we're not going to invest in you to the degree we've had, does that have putin change his hand or does he find other places to put his assets. >> a lot of europeans talking about doesn't china benefit if this is what happened? i think that is the real fear. there is no question that they are feeling the pressure, but i was talking to a german reporter
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earlier today who was saying, look, there is not a strong sense that anything is going to happen dramatically in the next couple days. but watch the e.u. foreign ministers meeting that's coming up where britain is going to put great pressure on them. i do think that there is, of course, from germany and france real outrage and horror. some of the german media was saying today at pictures coming out that are really both just gruesome and heart-wrenching. i think the worse that those get. the more the international community pays attention, the more we have to be seen doing something is the sense from on the ground in europe. whether that something causes real pinch among german businesses, among french businesses, you know, we'll see. >> yeah, we'll see indeed. gayle lemmon, thank you so much, we appreciate it. so how is capitol hill responding to the tragedy? i'm joined by republican congressman adam and jim moran. on saturday, your summer
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vacation plans have taken a turn from not being able to go there. congressman, you were barred. sort of your thoughts upon that and could the united states really have a working relationship with vladimir putin when these steps have been taken by him against lawmakers such as you? >> well, it's certainly how he relates to individual lawmakers doesn't matter. i do think that we have bipartisan position here in opposition to what has happened and to the low-key response that europe has shown. i think that the u.s. congress wants a much stronger response. now, the reason i was barred is undoubtedly because we had an amendment that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support to prevent the u.s. military from getting russian helicopters from this russian-owned controlled arms dealer and they're supplying most of the arms to assad's regime in syria.
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so why are we subsidizing them for the war in afghanistan. so that passed overwhelmingly. the russians weren't happy about that. but i think the problem is europe. you know, where is europe on this? they look to us. we had one american. but over 100 europeans. i was over in london a few months ago talking with some financial people and they said, you know, we're not going to be able to comply with these sanctions. i said why? well, these russian oligarchs have put so much money in the real estate market, the market would implode. >> what can the u.s. then do? if the economic interests seem tied to russia, they don't want to be jumping off the plank or walk the plank at all. what can we do in terms of tougher sanctions? >> i think it takes a leadership role. we can't unilaterally disarm with regards to russia. sanctions in terms of our ability to extract energy which
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we're good at, not exporting that to the russians. but making the point with the europeans, look, if you think it's bad now, wait until your economy is even more tied in with the russians and then they'll start running rough shade overall of europe and you're going to claim you can't do anything. this is why you have political leadership and not just ceos because political leadership can take the economic interest and political interest and find that balancing act. one big issue, the french are selling a warship to the russians. this is the thing that the defense minister of russia said that in the georgian war they could have won that war in 45 minutes if they had these ships because they could control the black sea. the french are continuing to sell this to the russians right now. the french ought to take a leadership role and say the hundreds of russian soldiers in our country right now being trained on this, they're going home and the russians are not getting this ship. it's an economic impact but it's the right thing to do. >> one thing i found fascinating in terms of this crash site that
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was certainly sort of left the way it was under the control of russian rebels for a period of days, why was there not an impetus, you guys think, for the president to sort of take a leadership role with our 98 tna allies and say at the very least we should get control of the crash site or does that sound like something that could start world war ii i. why do you think the crash site was left like it was out there? >> luke, how are we going to do that, put boots on the grounds? the dutch certainly aren't going to. now, i do think that the european union should have had a stronger response, but, you know, these separatists control it. they have got this guy who was a colonel in the russian secret police. he believes this is the people's republic of donetsk. >> i think that's the big issue is ukraine has gone from being just a civil war, because of this shootdown, this has gone to a regional issue, something
6:14 am
that's much bigger. so i think it's important for europe and especially the united states, which has the capability to do it, to begin in very earnest arming the ukrainian military to ensure that they have all the intelligence that we have to help them with tactics and get very serious about pushing this pro-russian -- these militias out of ukraine. they're being trained and funded, in some cases they have inbeds from the russian military. it's time to end this. this has gone beyond ukraine and is a much bigger issue. >> can that pass through congress, an uptick in funding for the military? >> i do think that could pass through congress on a bipartisan basis. i don't think there's much question about that. this whole thing, i don't know where it's going, but it's so ironic and so outrageous. i mean russia sells its natural resources to europe. europe sends the money to the russian oligarchs. they then invest it in europe and europe feels it can't act against russia. and here it's a communist regime. putin himself, they say, is worth $60 billion.
6:15 am
there's going to have to be some -- the western powers are going to have to get together and take stronger action. >> do you think this congress before possibly the recess or over the next month or so being called back, do you think there could be some sort of uptick in funding for the ukrainian military? >> yeah, sure if it's needed. when we passed the ukrainian support bills, they passed way overwhelmingly out of congress. we have our debates and our partisanship, but i think, and i'm an old school believer that when we go outside the coast of the united states, americans stand together, republican, democrat, left and right. i think there is very strong support for this. if it's needed, if the president decides to move forward on arming ukraine, he'll have the support of congress. >> that will be interesting, congress getting involved in the proxy war in ukraine against the russians. everything old is new again. adam kinzinger, jim moran, thanks. two americans now among the
6:16 am
casualties in the israeli-hamas conflict. we're live in tel aviv and gaza next. first a look at today's planner. texas governor rick perry will announce his plan to step up border security and president obama awards the medal of honor this afternoon. we have more on both big events later on the show. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. vo: this is the summer.
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turning now for the middle east, secretary of state john kerry is headed to cairo this morning to try and revive a cease-fire as the fighting gets worse in the gaza strip. overnight israel targeted more than 50 sites, including weapons manufacturers, military headquarters, terrorist tunnels and underground rocket launchers. it follows the bloodiest day of the fighting so far. 13 israeli soldiers killed along with dozens of palestinians in a
6:20 am
brutal air campaign that reduced buildings in eastern gaza to rubble. it pushed the overall death toll on the palestinian side now to 508. among the 20 israeli casualties are two american born israeli soldiers, max steinberg and shawn carmeli. steinberg was in california. carmeli was originally from texas. hamas claims to have captured an israeli soldier in the midst of the fighting. israel has denied that report so far but if confirmed the soldier would be the first held captive in gaza in three years. in the meantime diplomatic efforts to end the fighting are moving quickly. the u.n. human rights council will hold an emergency session to discuss the issue wednesday and both secretary kerry and the u.n. secretary general will be in cairo today to try and resuscitate egypt's cease-fire proposal. over the weekend secretary kerry was caught on an open mike before his appearance on "fox news sunday" appearing to express frustration with the escalating israeli offensive. >> it's a hell of a pinpoint
6:21 am
operation. it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. >> right. it's escalating significantly and just underscores the need for a cease-fire. >> we've got to get over there. thank you, john. i think, john, we ought to go tonight. i think it's crazy to be sitting around. >> secretary kerry, when you said it's a hell of a pinpoint operation, are you upset that the israelis are going too far and in fact do you intend to go back to the middle east tonight, sir? >> i think it's very, very difficult in these situations. it's tough to have this kind of operation, and i reacted, obviously, in a way that, you know, anybody does with respect to, you know, young children and civilians. >> president obama has expressed similar feelings, telling israeli prime minister netanyahu that while he backs israel's right to defend itself, he's concerned about rising casualties. others, including republican senator lindsey graham say now
6:22 am
is not the time to back down. >> my view of the israeli operation, stay as long as you need to stay, go wherever you need to go to deal with the viper's nest called hamas. >> nbc's martin fletcher is live for us in tel aviv with the very latest. martin, give some insight of what the feeling is over there. obviously now casualties starting to mount against the israeli military has to weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of israelis. >> reporter: well, yeah, luke, they do weigh heavily. on the other hand they don't provide any impetus to stop the fighting. if anything, as you just pointed out in the last sound bite, the push here is to increase the fighting. there are so many casualties, suddenly the worst israeli death toll since 2006 in the military. 13 dead yesterday. by the way, that may rise today. there was an infiltration by hamas gunmen through a tunnel
6:23 am
inside israel today. the group broke up into two. apparently on their way to target two different israeli civilian settlements in the area close to gaza. the israelis saw them, rocketed one group and had a gun fight with the other group. the israelis say they killed ten of the militants, but at the same time there appear to have been israeli casualties, although there's been no numbers yet. now, the elephant in the room here when you mentioned it in passing before is that hamas has announced that they have captured and kidnapped -- captured an israeli soldier. that would be a major success for hamas if it happened. the israeli ambassador to the united nations said it did not happen, but there's a silence from the israeli government so we're going to have to wait and see, but hamas, one of the main aims of their operation is to kidnap an israeli soldier, hold him ransom and then let israel -- tear israel apart, which is what happened when a sergeant was held captive by
6:24 am
hamas for five years. so that is the great fear that israel has. it would be a success for hamas if it's true. luke. >> yeah, nbc's martin fletcher, thank you for joining us from tel aviv. now we turn to gaza city where i'm joined by nbc's foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin. ayman, obviously the fighting continues to escalate. civilian death toll continues to rise. what's the feeling, though, on the ground in gaza that they actually have been able to fight back to some degree and mount up some israeli casualties. is that encouraging them to keep the fight going or is this weighing on the hearts and minds of these palestinians that we don't want to take on any more of these casualties, it's not worth it? >> reporter: well, the news that hamas had captured an israeli soldier as they claimed was broadcast on the local tv station here. shortly after that announcement, there was celebration among some of the pockets of hamas supporters here inside gaza.
6:25 am
all across the strip you could hear the sounds of some of that celebratory gunfire. there's no doubt about it that the news of capturing an israeli soldier was very much welcomed and reinvigorated calls of support for hamas and the fighters, not because it was seen as any type of strategic success but because the implications of it would mean that hamas would have some leverage to ultimaty negotiate for the release of hundreds of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails. that has always been the m.o., if you will, for the way hamas operates capturing israeli soldiers. they use them to leverage release of prisoners. prisoners has been one of the key issues for this round of violence after israels rounded up hundreds of palestinians. on the ground there is no sense that among ordinary palestinians, tremendous amount of grief, tremendous amount of devastation as a result of this ongoing onslaught. we spent the day yesterday at the morgue, we spoke to
6:26 am
families. for them this was not about politics or the debate of what's going on between israel and the palestinians but really it came down to lives being shattered. a lot of anger at the international community for ignoring their plight, ignoring what is happening on the ground. today is not getting any better. you can probably hear in the distance some sounds of shelling. it has been a consistent barrage of air strikes. there you go, a consistent sound of air strikes and artillery shelling. the death toll today has continued to climb and as you mentioned topping well above 500 since the beginning of the conflict. so a very dire humanitarian situation that the u.n. says it is struggling to cope with. more than 85,000 palestinians now taking refuge at u.n. schools that have been turned into shelters. that's separate from the hundreds of thousands that have been displaced and now living with family and relatives across the gaza strip, luke. >> many, many at the border. ayman mohyeldin, thank you so much. stay safe and continue your great reporting. up next, honoring our
6:27 am
heroes. a look at the man behind the medal of honor being awarded today. plus, you don't know jack trimble. the other professor vying to replace eric cantor joins me live. it's a battle. first today's tdr 50 trivia question. when was the last time a democratic presidential nominee won a county in oklahoma? the first person to tweet the correct answer to @dailyrundown will get an on-air shoutout. the answer and more coming up on tdr.
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6:31 am
who put a tourniquet on the leg. pitt said he figured if the enemy was in grenade range he was in range too. he crawled to a spot where he could lob grenades back. when the fighting back, he signalled the medevac helicopters. he told retired colonel jack jacobs who's a medal of honor recipient himself that he feels he's sharing the medal of honor today. >> this isn't mine. you know, for me this is an individual award representing a collective effort. we did it as a team. i don't think i did anything more than anyone else. we're all just giving everything we had for our brothers. and, you know, same thing, i'm going to wear it for them. i'll be it's caretaker. it's ours, not mine. >> pitts will become the nation's 80th living recipient of the medal of honor. we'll have live coverage of the white house ceremony starting at
6:32 am
3:00 eastern on "the cycle" and we thank pitts for his service. up next, the flood of children at the u.s. border is redefining the debate on immigration. why congress must act this week. plus texas governor rick perry plans to ramp up border security. new details ahead. it's always, who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 877-218-2500 now. zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach's got it covered... with allstate renter's insurance. protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renter's insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 877-218-2500 now. what are you doing? we're switching car insurance. why? because these guys are the cheapest. why? good question. because a cut-rate price could mean cut-rate protection. you should listen to this guy.
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and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪ this week congress will try and deal with the influx of unaccompanied children trying to cross the border. at the same time the crisis is intensifying. the border patrol is now estimating a total of 90,000 children will arrive without their parents by september. the president asked congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funding, but the house appropriations committee chairman says congress will approve significantly less. house republicans will also likely demand changes to a 2008 anti-sex trafficking law in order to speed up the deportations. meanwhile governor rick perry is set to make an announcement about deploying the national guard to reinforce the borders.
6:36 am
>> mr. president, washington, this is your responsibility. this is your duty enumerated in the constitution. we know how to secure the border. the federal government will not do its duty, and i will suggest to you that the state of texas will. >> all right. let's bring in three reporters following how this is playing out on capitol hill and the campaign trail. "the new york times" jonathan martin, nbc's perry bacon and shira center. we were supposed to hear from the house gop border working group last week. their report did not come out, it's delayed till this week. it seems that the house gop wants to pass sort of at the last minute, maybe the end of this week or early next week, and then get out of town and move away. it doesn't seem that congress is
6:37 am
rushing to deal with this right now. >> absolutely not. congress is in town this week until thursday at 3 p.m. and does not leave any time at all to get this done. we're supposed to hear more details about the house gop's package which includes changes to the 2008 law and some funding but much less than the president has asked for. as a result, not much of a chance. john boehner was asked about this at his news conference last week. if he's not optimistic, neither should anyone else be. >> there's a lot of divisions between the house and the senate and even divisions in the house itself. perry, you were at net roots. you obviously have been covering this out in the field. there's a, i think, a little bit of a division within democrats. some say the president has been too tough on these deportations. it was a movement to bring on comprehensive border reform and
6:38 am
it hasn't gone that way. what did you see when you were at net roots and how do you think this is playing out for the democratic party? >> you know, in the middle of biden's speech a group of people shouted stop deporting our kids. you heard that happen. at net roots, this is the left of the left among democrats. there was a lot of opposition to the president's idea of changing the 2008 law. people there do not want to see is easier for kids to be deported. they're pretty opposed to the idea of changing the 2008 law and you heard from voter after voter at net roots. people praised martin o'malley, one of the people who might run for president, for coming out and criticizing this idea as well. >> it could be an interesting battle between hillary and o'malley on that issue. jonathan, you've been going out covering these various senate races. you'll talk to republicans and they'll say our party is so far behind on immigration reform we're going to get killed in the upcoming elections but if you talk to voters in these conservative districts, this is a huge issue for them that they're very passionate about
6:39 am
and there's not a lot of give to a comprehensive immigration reform idea. >> you haven't seen any movement on it in the house at all because the senate passed it in the summer of 2013. the house ever since has been doing very little on the matter because the house, being up every two years, being responsive to more conservative drawn districts, there is no political incentive for those house members or republicans who have overwhelmingly nonhispanic districts to move on this politically. therein lies the challenge for the gop. the elites to your point, the acela corridor, basically this is a long-term national party issue as essential to get back the white house. for those members who are up every two years whose political incentive is to get re-elected, to fend off a primary from the right. >> can't do it. >> all they want to do is keep their seat. they're politicians that have a survival mechanism so they're less concerned about the future of their national party than their own seats and that is the challenge for the gop. you add in this issue, luke, of
6:40 am
kids coming to the border en masse and it has set back any hope whatsoever for immigration reform. >> and in specific states, where does this perhaps help democrats? in colorado, does this get sort of mark udall there? >> colorado comes to mind. i think call rald is obviously the place where this could have the most impact because what happens there is the in the nonpresidential years, it's tough for democrats to get out hispanic voters. this could offer a lever for udall to work against cory gardner so that's the state to work. >> rick perry making a move to put the national guard down at the border, something john boehner has called for and you see rick perry there in iowa slowly but surely getting to making that point, what's the politics behind that? is there this idea that he's going to stand up and be the conservative warrior making this his issue? this was an issue that was problematic for him last time
6:41 am
around. he was being criticized for being too humane. rick perry going out on this -- >> this is a great opportunity for rick perry. this issue landed right on his lap. it's on the border. he's got the right position now. in the 2012 campaign he was the most pro immigrant and romney attacked him. here he can show himself doing something where voters in iowa are very anti-immigration reform. this is a great step for him to start his potential 2016 campaign. >> we talked about it a few weeks ago, rick perry is getting his groove back. >> to a degree. we have a very pregnant perry pause right there. he really is lucky in terms of timing. i think we'll watch this issue over the next couple of months, especially during a congressional recess where a lot of members go back home and hear from their constituents, especially some in the southwestern states. that's going to determine the next couple of weeks if this is going to reach the fervor of the health care 2010 res so or every other congressional recess.
6:42 am
>> what's fascinating to watch is martin o'malley trying to outhumane the rest of the democratic field and then perry and ted cruz trying to outconservative and outhawk -- >> on that point, john, can anyone in the gop take the issue of immigration reform and run with it jeb bush style and say i'm going more on the liberal side of the issue? is it possible with that primary electorate? >> they wouldn't call it the liberal side but, sure, there is. there's an opening there. if you look at the polling data, there is support among even republicans for a path to citizenship. the problem is in the context of a campaign and a primary, it gets really tough to carry that message. you have to do it in a cautious and well turned way and it's not easy, especially if you're jeb bush when you've got conservatives who have other questions about your stance -- >> ask marco rubio what he thinks. i would start with that. >> you take that idea you better win florida. >> iowa is tough.
6:43 am
>> jonathan martin, perry bacon, shira center, thank you so both. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, jose diaz-balart anchors outside the los angeles convention center where la raza is meeting. do not miss that from jose. before a quick break, our tdr soup of the day, in tulsa, oklahoma, they're searching up potato leek soup. not bad, we'll be right back. plan everyone how happy i am. really? because esurance saved me money in half that time. can i...? oh you can be in it! no need to photo-bomb me. hashbrown. selfie. yeah... that's not how it works. 15 minutes for a quote isn't how it works anymore. start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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6:47 am
establish farms and towns. the ones that jumped the gun were nicknamed sooners, a nickname that stuck, especially for football fans there. since then the state's history has been marked by sharp ups and downs. an oil boom helped it grow in the early years of the 20th century but a depression in the dust bowl sent oklahoma residents fleeing for more ha s hospitalable territory. the population recovered to pre-depression levels. it was around that time the state had elected 16 straight democratic governors but since 1979, the state has alternated between putting republicans and democrats in the governor's mansion. on the state level, it's been a much more dramatic shift to the right. oklahoma has elected just one democratic senator since 1973, david born, and the state's current delegation is all republicans. the third time that's happened in the last 20 years. that's despite the fact that
6:48 am
democrats actually outnumber republicans among registered voters. what you'll find, though, is that republicans have strong majorities in the most populated areas whereas the democratic leaning counties are much smaller and that's a relatively new development. for instance, oklahoma county, which includes oklahoma city was still majority democratic as recently as 12 years ago. same thing in cleveland county where you'll find norman, oklahoma, the third largest city in the state. it was democratic in 2002. now republicans have a 15,000 voter edge. for republicans on the presidential level the state has become a gimme. >> you look at all the states on super tuesday, oklahoma, as i said before, is the rock -- the bedrock of the republican party and the conservative movement in this country. >> that was former senator rick santorum. in 2012 oklahoma was one of the ten states he won during the primary season but that's not
6:49 am
surprising for a conservative state that hasn't backed a democrat for president since lbj isn't t in the landslide of '64. no democrat has won a single county in more than a decade since al gore won nine in 2000. republicans have run the table in all 77 oklahoma counties for three elections running. even when president obama ran the first time in 2008, he couldn't make any inroads. john mccain won the state by 32 points. the same margin of victory as president george w. bush four years earlier. we'll have much more all week on oklahoma's political climate as well as some actual climate concern, like tornado threats and alarming increase in earthquakes. you don't want to miss that. boomer sooner. all right, trivia time. as we just mentioned, 2000 was the last year a democratic presidential nominee won any of oak laez 77 counties. congratulations to today's winner, yortal. congratulations, yortal. my
6:50 am
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democrats held out hope that virginia congressman eric cantor might be vulnerable in november. they never anticipated he wouldn't make it through june before the primary no democrats were willing to step in the ring with the house majority leader. assuming it meant certain defeat. time running out the democrats called on college professor jack trample. putting the race in doubt. it levelled the playing field pitting two relative unknowns against each other. what do question know about jack? he's an author and sociology professor. he and brad are faculty at the same university. he's relative new to politics as campaign website is a single page with biography eight sentences long. his son described his political views, as quote, moderate. joining me now. >> good morning.
6:54 am
>> so right off the bat within i went to your website last night to do some research. you don't have any political positions listed. why is that? >> we're in the process of getting the campaign infrastructure in place. we've literally only had three to four weeks to do that. that is something that is going change very soon. >> i'll ask a few questions right now. do you support any more federal restriction ones the right to bear arms? >> not without getting more specific. i'm a gun owner myself, and there are places guns belong and places where guns don't belong. >> what about the issue of pro life or pro choice. where do you fall on that? >> i definitely am on the side of women. i believe the government should not be involved in health care decisions and personal decisions that a woman and her doctor make. as far as president obama, would you welcome the support of president obama if he were to offer an endorsement?
6:55 am
>> of course. >> james, do you feel the dnc will give you adequate help in the race. or are you really on your own? >> no. i think people have been watching us carefully to see how we work the first month, and the fact that we earned as much money -- brought as much money and attention as we did the first three weeks is an indicator that people will support us down the stretch. we're excited about that. >> and lastly, i'll ask you an issue that is the talk of the town here is the problems that are occurring down the border. where do you fall on the issue of immigration reform. do you support comprehensive immigration reform? >> absolutely support it. there are a lot of moving parts to immigration. we need to work across the aisle. but one part that is not moving is the house. that's something i would like to change. >> and then also, i want to finish up w this. you're a professor and so is your opponent. you know each other. you played on the same
6:56 am
basketball team. i would assume you see each other in the faculty lounge on occasion. what is that having two professors running against each other for eric cantor's seat in congress. it's a little unusual. there's no doubt about that. what i'm excited about is how much attention it brought to the college. we both think highly of the college. we're glad to see attention on the college. i think it's a little bit of an unusual election and, you know, i try to research and find where two professors had run against each other. there's not a model for that. >> no. no. jack, thank you very much for joining us. take care. that's it for the edition of the "daily run down." coming up next jose diaz-balart is live from miami.
6:57 am
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that's what governor rick perry is expected to announce in texas. as the search for the border solution. so do the protests. gaza's deadliest day. that is what it is. secretary kerry in the air right now heading to cairo. can he help quell the escalating violence? plus the executive order the president will sign that protect millions of lgbt americans at work. we'll bring you that live this monday, the 21 st of july. good morning. we're live this morning outside the los angeles convention center the annual national council of the nation's largest hispanic advocacy group is currently underway. i want to go to ukraine. international outrage is growing over the handling of the victims killed in the downing l malaysian airlines flight subpoena in eastern


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